My name is Mira, I’m a young french artist based in Berlin. But don’t worry, I also speak German and English.

If you’re here, it probably means that you want to know more than my nickname. I don’t like to write facts about myself because I don’t fit in any box – I think it’s much better that we meet in person. But well, maybe those facts will make you feel like you would like to make some art with me — that would be fantastic!

Mira - Profilbild

What I can tell you is that I’m happy of living in different worlds simultaneously. In one world, I’m studying communication and web design. In another one, even if I never learnt to draw professionally, I enjoy finding ways to make my ideas and fantasies concrete. I’m like a blank page, and I think it’s good like that. It makes me become more creative. I also love to share my fascination for screen printing and hand made things. I think it gives soul to the objects. I love kids too, I spend a lot of time with them; the biggest part of my designs are made for them.

I love to laugh, enjoy every little detail, sushi, cats, cuteness, fun, games, compassion and open-minded people.

If you think we should lough and make some art together, don’t hesitate to contact me!