Jördis Hirsch

The Beast green

Jördis Hirsch is a freelance artist currently based in Berlin. She studied  graphic design and book illustration at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany and École National Supérieure de Beaux Arts in Paris, France.

As a part of STATTLAB collective since 2015 (boardmember from 2017 to 2019), she is constantly working on different illustration projects and sharing her knowledge in individual screen print workshops. For more information about her artwork please get in contact: joerdis@stattlab.net



Live-Illustration during the Jubiläums-Hafenrevue of Berlins Literature Scene, Cooperation with Konzept* Feuerpudel at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, Germany.

Vaga-Auktion: Kunstversteigerung gegen soziale Kälte. at Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany.


STATTLAB GROUP SHOW EXHIBITION. at MONOPOL as part of Berlin Photo Week. Berlin, Germany

PANKE PARCOURS. Group exhibition at BAOBAB, Coffee, Event and Coworking space, Berlin, Germany

Selected Artist of the Bi-Artist Residency Programm in Térénez, Bretagne, France.

COLOR BLAST. Groupshow at TOTEM Book Shop, Berlin.

STATTLAB Vernissage at Cafe Motte. Groupshow with members of STATTLAB Collective, Berlin.

Pop Up Show at Isett Art Space. Soloexhibition on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin.

STATTLAB.Party. Group show of STATTLAB Collective at STATTLAB, Berlin.

Konzept*Feuerpudel Wild und Frei. Live Illustration Show at Brotfabrik, Berlin

Tag der Druckkunst, Groupshow in 360 Grad Artspace Lichtenberg and in STATTLAB, Berlin

SIBLINGS by Colin Self, Collaborative Project as Performer and Singer; CTM (Festival of adventorous  Music and Art) 2019, Hebbel am Ufer Theatre, Berlin


Somewhere, Maybe Here. Group Show, ZKU (Zentrum für Kultur und Urbanistik), Berlin
30 mit Kunst.  Group show. Lettreetage Kreuzberg, Berlin
Gendershot. Photography project of perfomane artist Lisa Stertz. Studio Ellen Luise Weise, Berlin
Weltenbürgertipendium (Cosmopolite scholarship) for a two month environmental project in Zanzibar, Tansania

NATURA ANIMATA, Group Show at Apostle Church, Chiusa (Klausen), Italy
Kunst Boden_nah 2017, 5 week Artist Residency Program in Chisua (Klausen), Italy
COYOTA, Group show of STATTLAB Collective at CRACK! 2017 Festival, Rome, Italy


Skopp, Hirsch, Perrot, Group Show, München
Karteblanche. CLASH CULTURE/NATURE. STATTLAB Collective Fanzine,  second edition
Die lange Nacht der Illustration, Participation of STATTLAB Collective at STATTLAB, Berlin
STATTLAB Art Exhibition Event, Group show of STATTLAB Collective at STATTLAB, Berlin
Tattoographie, Shows at various Clubs and Festivals (Brunnen 70, Kino International), Berlin
Steal, Deface and Destroy our Art.  Group show of STATTLAB Collective at Herzblut, Berlin


Silvester im SchmittZ,  Group show of STATTLAB Collective at SchmittZ, Berlin
Stattlabshow @ Herzblut, Group show of STATTLAB Collective at Herzblut, Berlin
Ritze Rotze, Solo Show at Deutsches Kabarettarchiv, Schloss Bernburg
Karteblanche. Monstres, Chimères et Labyrinthe. STATTLAB Collective Fanzine,  first edition
STATTLAB EXHIBITION! COLLECTIVE #4, group show at Stattbad Wedding, Berlin


Überall ist Ewigkeit, Solo Show at Kulturhistorisches Museum, Wurzen


Annual Exhibition Master class Studio, Philipps Universität, Marburg
Ritze Rotze, artist book, published in october 2014 by Engelsdorfer Verlag, Leipzig


Ansichtssuche, Group show of artists from Marburg at several places in town


Don Juan, Theatre Poster Competition, Second Price, Hessisches Landestheater, Marburg
Annual Exhibition Master class Studio at Philipps Universität, Marburg


Kunst und Kulinarisches, permanent exhibition of a poster serial at Student Union, Marburg



studying at the Philipps-Universität, Marburg, in the Illustration Class of Vitali Konstantinov), graduated (Master of Fine Arts and Conceptual Design) in 2013

2011 – 2012

Scholarship at the ENSBA (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris) and the ESA (École Spéciale d‘Architecture, Paris)

2007 – 2010

studying at the Philipps-Universität, Marburg, graduated (Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Cultural and Religious Studies) in 2010